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Romi Audio Encryption Series  TaiChi

Romi Audio Encryption Series TaiChi


Taichi is another flagship product from our encryption series line up. Unlike Zero, taichi delivers and emphasis on the timbre of silver, thanks to the OCC silver core and silver plated copper shielding. Taichi is also relatively softer than other cables, teflon skin was used on core for extra protection to the cable.

Taichi performs extraordinarily on the response and density on treble and bass. Taichi focuses on revealing the timbre of the source and earphone rather than bringing changes to it. Thus, taichi pairs well with any devices, just added a little warmth on the vocal to make it a little bit more entertaining.

Come by our shop to listen to our demo unit and place orders!  Choose your preferred plugs on both ends of the cable. Owner of the predecessor: Sensation could enjoy exclusive upgrade offers, inbox for more details.

MSRP:$1299, but save USD$200 on our taichi Christmas promotion!

  • 2.5

  • 4.4

  • 3.5

  • MMCX

  • 0.78

  • P.E.

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