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LessFox BX-2 plus balanced headphone amp

LessFox BX-2 plus balanced headphone amp


Less BX-2plus Balanced headphone amp


.Transistor discrete HDAM full balanced circuit.

.Superlinear LDO dual 12V power supply.

.Transistor discrete HDAM line amp and power amp.

.Powerful output 5900mW at 32 ohms


Product information :


  Less BX-2 plus is full balanced headphone amplifier , line amp is using“CAST”(Current Audio Signal Transmission) current pass through, non-negative feedback transistor circuit, highest frequency response, more details.


  Current amplifier is using matched pair transistor , full time class A . Line amp and power amp are working in full time current pass throuht , lower signal distortion and super liner booster, headphone output is more clear , natural and details;


  Less BX-2plus support full balance and unbalance clossover input, when unbalance input , will auto switch to  balanced output. Fet-buff working on balance and unbalance line amp circuit, can match most device input resistance.


  Power output using 4 piars 12.5W BD139/140, full time class A ampifity can easy to driver more than 600 ohms headphone .



  Less BX-2plus using 3.7V 8000mAh Li-ion battery, suppot 5V 3A USB type C fast charging, including low voilage & short circuit protection.

.LED power inductor : when the battery is charging ,4 LEDs is flashing. 4 LED battery full charged , 3 is 75% , 2 is 50% , 1 is less than 25%. 




S/N Ratio >125DB at 1KHz

THD : < 0.0002%


Bal Output Power: 5900mW/32 ohm ,1900mW/100 ohm ,600mW/300ohm,280mW/600ohm

Output impedance: 1ohm

Input impedance: 49K ohm (3.5mm) ,98K ohm(2.5mm或4.4mm-Bal)

Frequency Breadth (Bal-input): 10Hz - 25KHz ( +/- 0.5DB )

Power Requirement:DC IN 5V (TYPE-C,3A電流)

BATT:3.7V Li-ion battery 8000mAh

Size: W93 X L137 X H28 mm

Operating ambient temperature range:-40℃~85℃

Net Weight  : 300g

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