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Encryption Series : Zero aka 零

Encryption Series : Zero aka 零


Greetings from our latest member of Encryption Series : Zero aka 零 in chinese!

Like other encryption series cables, Zero utilised silver plated copper shielding, with our custom 7N OCC as cable’s core.

Calling our latest flagship as “Zero” is all about the characteristics of the cable, as it delivers the advantages of both silver and copper, while exerts their specialty harmoniously.

On our Zero cable, numerous testings were made to get the perfect ratio on the difference diameter of the cable’s core.

Thanks to the breakthrough on the material and ratio, we achieved a “silver-cable like” listening experience, with fast but controlled dynamic range and treble extension, while preserving a pleasant and smooth bass with a touch of warmth on vocal.

Kindly place order on our product and choose your preferred plug on both ends of the cable.

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