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BX-2 Pro

BX-2 Pro


LESS BX2-PRO Specifications


BX2-Pro is LessFox Independent research and development, continued BX-2 & plus version, we have more extensive experience to improve portable full balance(C.A.S.T)CLASS-A headphone products。

Software: Design base on HI-END class KRELL's equipment C.A.S.T current circuit(Full balance current design), from the audio source to the output signal is a fully balanced design,  most of the hi-resolution audio equipment is using Current Mode,it improves ultra-high frequency responding,

 ; over capacitor signal passthought to reduce distortion and more natural。

Hardware: The whole machine are using a very rare perfect match transistor; volume control using TI company ultra-low noise PGA4311 volume chips; signal stage are using 4 pcs Toshiba 2SK170(99% matched)and 2SK5171/A1930 transistors(99% matched); VISHAY crystal resistors,

matched power transistor to make sure 4 channel conformity; CNC CU 24K gold plated case to improve highest level noise isolation; Made in Japan Pentaconn4.4 and Taiwan Fujitsu 3.5 socket to reach the Hi-End level。


Product introduce:


  Support4.4 full balance input and output; or 3.5 single-end input and output

  Support2V-4V input level

  3 level gain control(Low, Mid,Hi)

  Support dual power source DC+-8~17V +- external power supply

  Built-in 3.7V-8000mHA Lithium battery

  Support TYPE-C socket DC5V charger




  Internal operation voltage:DC+-12V;charging voltage:DC5V

  Idles current:about280mA

  Output voltage(0DB):18.7Vrms@RL=300Ω;10.7Vrms@RL=32Ω

  Frequency responsing :(10HZ~30KHZ):-0.1dB;(20HZ~20KHZ):0dB;

  S/N level(non-counting)58.7uV@RL=32Ω

  S/N range(SNR):-110dB class A

  Total Harmonic Distortion(THD+N)>0.065%(1KHz); 0.0005%(20KHZ)

  Frequency separation :106dB(1KHZ)@RL4.4mm

  Max power output:5900mW@RL=32Ω;1200mW@RL=300Ω

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